The focus of is offer a wider range of investment opportunities to our network of customers. Our customers range from some very experienced traders in the FX markets to brand new investors who have never traded or invested in a stock or share before and we are attracting new investors every day through our social media channels that never realised that these markets were open to individuals like themselves.

Many of my connections on Social Media such as LinkedIn ask me “Chris, If I can give you some of my money what can you do for me” Well here is what I can do for you! Although my main strengths lie in FX trading this may not really be suitable for what you want to do with your savings. You might want to invest some of it in trading currency but really you need a balanced investment plan and the advice that can show you how to make the most of your money and also utilising any of the tax relief on investments that are available.



Our Partners Investment Advisory Management scheme is designed for those investors who want to retain full active control of their investments whilst benefiting from the professional input provided by their team. Their Advisory Management service is tailored to individual investor’s objectives and can be utilised through nominee accounts and tax efficient wrappers using a range of investment products including funds, single stocks, and contracts for difference (CFDs).

As an advisory client you will be assigned a dedicated, experienced and regulated broker who will understand your specific requirements. On an ongoing basis your broker will relay market moving news keeping you informed of appropriate investment and trading opportunities researched by our in-house team of market professionals.

The advisory service offers continuous and comprehensive position monitoring and risk profiling, whilst ensuring that you retain ultimate control over the investment making decisions within the portfolio. Their advisory service covers the full range of investment products including equities, funds, and CFDs, whilst also ensuring direct access to the experience and professional advice provided by our brokers.

This service is designed for those who want to stay in touch with their investments whilst being provided with a traditional stockbroking service for the modern world.

If you would like more information or to be sent an introduction pack then please dont hesitate to contact me here