Guys and Girls,

Many of you are aware that I have been working my butt off for the past few months developing some software, using trading strategies that I use myself and making this into a completely automated system.

There is a lot of BS available out on the web with robot traders that use all manner of schemes to try and be profitable. Also there are many systems that are often profitable on back-test but are completely inaccurate and a sure fire way to blow your account in a heart beat.

Learning about all of these systems and how they work has been a full time job in itself. Then trying to build your own system and testing it so it really does work, which is dynamic enough that when the market changes this will still work, really is something else.

So today I make this available in the public domain to view and see, but is currently only available for members to download and use and the system will expire by the 23rd December.

The purpose is to have multiple users try it on varying time frames, currency pairs and feed back to me with their results and we can use this information to improve it and make it even better.

If you interested in using the system then you can join our forex signals group today for as little as £15 and take part in the trial for no charge. To use the trader on a live account you must be a member of our FX Club for full privileges.