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Trade With Us Live

Trade With Us Live

Follow our trading activity live, We update our social media streams with our trades throughout the day so you can take advantage of what we have been trading. *Trade at your own risk, No Investment Recommendations or Professional Advice are offered.


Basics of Forex Trading – Youtube

For the guys in India who requested some basics of Forex trading videos here it is. Just giving you a really basic run down of what a currency pair is, how its...

10th October London Summary

AutoChartist London Session Summary USD/JPY Summary : BEARISH Target Level : 10279.7002 Target Period : 23 hours Analysis : Approaching Support level of 10279.7002 identified at 10-Oct-01:00 2016 GMT Chart date range : 04-Oct-15:00 GMT-> 10-Oct-06:00 GMT Data interval :...

GBPUSD – Buy at Market level 12th Sep

GBP/USDSummary : Bullish Target Level : 13375.8 Target Period : 21 hours  Analysis :  Channel Down identified at 12-Sep-01:00 2016 GMT. This pattern is still in the process of forming. Possible bullish price movement towards...

GBPUSD – Buy trade idea

GBP/USDSummary : Bullish (UP) My Entry Ave: 13315.2 Target Level : 13375.8 Target Period : 12 hours  Analysis :  Channel Down identified at 09-Sep-00:00 2016 GMT. This pattern is still in the process of forming. Possible...

EUR/ZAR trade going to plan

EUR/ZAR short is going well today. Another late night signal to the pro channel. Appreciate a lot of members couldn't take the trade due to spreads in exotic pairs not being favourable...

Last nights oil trade for pro members

Already the oil call from last night playing in our favour. Great result so far. Hopefully continues this movement now for the week.

6/7 signals all to profit today 140+pips

Another great day. 140+pips achieved from today's trades. www.big-broking.com subscribers benefitting massively from our signals service for only £15 per month today alone our users showed gains in excess of £150 each...

Get Trading with Big Broking and IG

How to start trading Forex and making serious money from your PC and smartphone.   If your reading this somewhere else get yourself to big-broking.com   At the top of the page in...
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Forex – Currency Pairs – Trading Forex and Currencies

What is Forex? Currency Exchange - Currency Pairs - Forex - FX - Currency Markets The forex market is a global market for the trading of currencies. This...