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Affiliate scheme active!

Hello everyone, Good news to announce that our affiliate scheme is now active for all pro members of the website. There will be some new membership plans created in order to create you...
options analysis

The Basics of Forex

The Basics of Forex What is the Bid/Offer? Nearly every financial market in the world has a two way price. This is the price that you buy and sell that particular market at....

Get Trading with Big Broking and IG

How to start trading Forex and making serious money from your PC and smartphone.   If your reading this somewhere else get yourself to big-broking.com   At the top of the page in...

What are Commodities

What are Commodities or a 'Commodity' A commodity is a physical base "good/goods" used in commerce that is tradable with other commodities of the same type or currency (buying gold for cash etc.) Commodities that you...
Forex Feature

Forex – Currency Pairs – Trading Forex and Currencies

What is Forex? Currency Exchange - Currency Pairs - Forex - FX - Currency Markets The forex market is a global market for the trading of currencies. This includes all aspects of buying, selling and...
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Forex Market News

The Latest Forex Market News Courtesy of DailyFx. We update our daily news feed with out own Forex news and technical analysis throughout the day...